Something nice on a gloomy day

Something nice on a gloomy day

Today Seasonal Affective Disorder teamed up with my depression. Great. I really could have done without that.

I really thought nothing nice would be happen today. Cloudy sky, temperatures at 5 degrees Celsius maximum, sleet and bitingly cold wind while I waited for the bus. A few minutes before arriving at my destination, it started hailing so hard that the streets were slippery for a short time – this is really fun when your gait is so unsteady that you use a walker. Then I put my foot in my mouth when I asked my podiatrist about her holidays. Since her husband died of cancer two years ago, she feels very lonely at this time of the year. Bought a few groceries and walked to the bus stop in icy rain. During the ride home I had to keep my walker from rolling through the bus. Got off the bus and was greeted by drizzle and gusts of cold wind. Stopped at the front door and fumbled in my backpack for the keys. Looked down to the right and saw – that the quince bush started to put forth buds!

Wow. I hope the worst of winter is over and the buds hold on until spring.

I really needed this today, a sign that spring will come. Maybe this will not happen tomorrow, but spring will come and I will be fine. The quince bush was given to us by my grandma-in-law, who really had a green thumb. Thank you, Cläre, you are still remembered.