Pet trade fairs now and then

Pet trade fairs now and then

I went to a cat exhibition thirty years ago. Even though I was a child back then, I could see that the animals didn’t feel well. The cages just were piled up, and the cats had nowhere to hide. Many animals were restless and stressed.

So I wasn’t sure what to expect today.

But as you can see on the pictures above, times have changed. Every cage offered places to hide. Every cage had privacy protection left and right. Every cage provided water and food. Most cats did what they would have done anyway: Lie around and sleep.

We also took a look at the dog exhibition, were the pedigree dogs were graded. Most of the dogs were relaxed. Many of them had their own cage with them, where they could feel safe.

The visitors were allowed to bring their dogs along. We left our dogs at home, because we thought it could push Sam too hard. But the most dog owners had been right about their four legged companions, and many dogs were cool. There were designated dog toilet areas and vets.

All in all my impression today was, that the animals are treated better today than years ago. If that is correct, it’s a step in the right direction.