A funny Saturday

A funny Saturday

It is very hot today, and walking the dogs was very exhausting. We were rescued by an ice cream parlor 😁.

While waiting for our treats, I learned that my favorite soccer  team had won its first game of the season (Cologne, of course). An older Gentleman next to us was also a fan, and so we sung a colognian song together.

Because of the heat I will not cook today. The permanent heat is not funny anymore.



Janet is the one in our pack who sometimes is a little bit neglected. Jackie is a Diva, and Sam gets lots of attention due to his behavior.

 She is not young anymore, approximately ten years old, and she likes a quiet environment. She looks for a place where she is out of the trouble, but can hear anything what’s going on.

 When I check on her, I am met with a soulful gaze, and when I talk to her, she wags her tail. Of course it makes things easier for us that she is so easy to handle. We take care that she has quality time with us, when everything is about her. 

She seems to be happy here, and we hope we will have many more happy hours with her.

Update on Jackie

Update on Jackie

I may not talk much about our cat Jackie, but she is still with us. We cuddle every day, and this is very good for my mood.

Today was her yearly check-up at the vet. I tried not to think about the fact that my heart cat Jackie was with us the last time, otherwise a few tears would have been shed.

But everything is alright, Jackie is healthy, even though she is fourteen years old now.

We drove home in a good mood, and I became aware of the fact that the bond between me and our furbabies is very strong.

And one thing is sure: We walk this way together until the very end, in good and bad times.

Update on Sam

Update on Sam


It has been a while that I mentioned Sam. This is because making progress takes lots of time for him. But progress DOES happen, and this is what matters.

For a long time, it was a real challenge to take Sam on a walk with other dogs. We had to use a muzzle, and he nearly panicked when other dogs came near him – or even worse – wanted contact with him: Then he yowled, growled or bit.

Every Sunday the shelter organizes a walk. My husband participates with Sam an Janet. Janet is very easy going with other dogs. She is not dominant, but she is always friendly and very clear about what she wants or doesn’t want. What makes her a good teacher for Sam, who grew up without contact to other dogs in a killing station.

On these Sunday walks mostly the same dogs and humans are there. So Sam noticed finally, that nobody wanted to harm him. He calmed down, and we didn’t need the muzzle any longer. Last week all humans agreed to let the dogs play together without a leash on a meadow. And the miracle happened: Sam behaved as if he had done this all the time. He very kindly asked other dogs to play with him, and ran around absolutely carefree. One dog tried to make eye contact with him, he just ignored it.

We couldn’t have asked for a better outcome.

There is still a lot to do, so it is nice when progress is made, and this was a big step!

And when he looks at me like on the picture above, I think we will reach a lot more with him in the future.



K is for KATZE [ˈkaʦə]

K is for KATZE [ˈkaʦə]

Sascha 1979_1

My motto for this year’s A to Z is “Animals in my life – stuffed or alive”.

The word “Katze” (german for “cat”) was something my parents learned to hate in 1978 and the following years!

In Summer 1978, we were asked to catsit my cousin’s cat, Sascha (everybody thought it was a male cat, until the cat become a mother, so don’t wonder about the name).

Sascha, as you can see on the picture above, was an absolutely adorable kitten. She came to my bed at night to cuddle. She also drove my father nuts, because she liked to hide and attack him. She liked food with tuna in it, and the whole appartment reeked of it. She soon discovered the budgie cage and would sit in front of it for hours.

But I wasn’t allowed to have a cat as a child. And rightly so, I might add. My parents were of the opinion a cat should be able to roam outside, which wasn’t possible back then (I am not of the same opinion, but they wanted a cat to be happy). My parents also always liked to travel, and it is difficult to find somebody who takes care of your pets responsibly. It is easier to find somebody who looks after small pets, so bugdies and hamsters were all I was allowed.

But having cats never disappeared from my mind. My husband, who grew up with cats, always wanted to have one. So, in 1996 Micky joined our home, and we never regretted it.




Six months without Sammy

Six months without Sammy

Living with pets means accepting that their lifespan is shorter than ours. Sammy lived a long cat life of eighteen years, and her time just had come six months ago. Today I remembered her last hours with us very vividly. Most of this time she was lying on my tummy, one of her favorite places. I couldn’t have thought of any better way to say goodbye to this special cat.

And then she was gone and life went on, right? At least this is how it was in the past.

I should have known better. Nothing is or was ordinary with Sammy!

Immediately after her death, the behaviour of Sammy’s daughter, Jackie, changed completely. While she had preferred staying with my husband, she now rarely left my side. At first I thought this wouldn’t last. Of course she felt my sadness, maybe she enjoyed being the only cat in the house, maybe it was Sammy letting us know everything is alright from the Rainbow Bridge, who knows…

Well, she didn’t change a bit. She takes her time to stroll outside, or to lie on the fish tank, but she keeps coming back to me. She lies on my tummy, like Sammy used to do. When I shed a few tears, because this reminds me so much of Sammy, she licks me and purrs.

The abilities of animals will never cease to amaze me. How they recognize our feelings and react to them puts the empathy of many human beings to shame.

They say “Saving one animal won’t change the world, but it will change the world for one animal.”

We may have rescued Sammy back then, but she changed our world. She still does



We were looking forward to this weekend, but my husband caught a cold at work. It is very rare that both of us are ill at the same time, but this time we were out of luck. My husband is more affected than I am. I felt overwhelmed, because I rely on him for so many things. But I managed to do the groceries on Saturday, and the sunshine and rising temperatures were good for both of us.

While the humans tried to get better, our furbabies were on alert. They felt we were not well, and that I was tense. They can not help by doing chores, but they can be near struggling members of the pack, and this made us feel safe. While the dogs watched my husband very closely, the cat, Jackie, never left my side.

Our furbabies brought with them lots of calmness. And warmth – both physical and for the soul, patience and time. They don’t ask when it will be over – they take it as it is. And they give us all they have, unconditionally. I am very sure that I am not the only person in the world who feels unbelievably comforted by a purring cat or by stroking a dog’s fur. I know pets are no substitute for human contact. But I understand the homeless, who don’t want to leave their four-legged companions. If I had it my way, old and sick people would have more access to pets.

For now, I hope our furbabies soon are relieved of their paramedic duties. I am feeling so much better now, we just need to work on getting the Master become well again.