Too much entertainment

Too much entertainment

In response to The Daily Post.

Sometimes it seems all of you are busy going to concerts, visiting art exhibitions or hanging around at a new fancy restaurant. I am happy for you, but this lifestyle contains too much stress for me.

Don’t get me wrong, I am no hermit and I enjoy spending time with you, the people I love. And I enjoy going out, but not that often. But I need lots of quiet time, too, or I feel overstimulated, become hectic and start losing sleep. It is a good thing we moved to the countryside, about 15 kilometers away from the next small town and about 20 kilometers away from the next really big town. So I have a choice: I can easily participate in all kind of cultural activities, or I can relax in a peaceful atmosphere at home.

I grew up in a big town. When I decided to move to this sleepy place, you, my parents and friends, wondered if I would end up feeling bored. You worried that I could miss the many ways a city can entertain its inhabitants. The truth is, this didn’t happen. I found a new inner peace instead. And if I look around, many neighbors say the same. If we would have chosen the urban lifestyle, there wouldn’t have been room for our beloved furry companions, two rescue dogs and a cat that loves to roam outside.

You see, there is no reason to pity me. And you all love the peaceful atmosphere here, when you visit us in the summer for our local barbecue. We just talk and eat, but everybody is happy, without any additional entertainment. It’s true, less can be more, even entertainment.