Sammy 06/1999 – 09/12/2017

Sammy came from a farm. The local barn cat had a litter of four kittens. One of the kittens was allowed to stay with the mother, the rest would be given away or drowned. The weakest kitten immediatly caught my eye, it was always pushed aside by the others. Soon our mind was made up: This is the one. Due to the bad circumstances, we took her in when she was six weeks old, too early, but we were afraid that she would continue to get weaker or maybe even die.

At this time Micky was already living with us. She immediatly took the little one under her wing and taught her what she had to know in our household. After getting rid of all the parasites she had brought along from her first home, Sammy grew up to be a very affectionate and cuddly cat. 

After we moved into our house, she got the opportunity to roam outside, what promptly resulted in a pregnant Sammy. In the last two weeks of the pregnancy she used to lie next to me so I could see and feel the kittens move. She always wanted to be with us, all of us enjoyed this time very much. Of course she gave birth in her favorite place, our bed. She turned out to be a very attentive and caring cat mom and always checked very thoroughly who got near her babies. Her daughter Jackie still lives here, her sister is with our sister-in-law. 

Sammy lived to be eighteen years old and just got tired in the end. She went over the Rainbow Bridge on her own though, in her favorite place, our bed. The whole pack was there, we cuddled with her and kept her warm until the end. It was a very peaceful passing, she just stopped breathing. Thank you Sammy, for the wonderful time and your trust. Until we meet again!