Janet was born in southeastern Europe, Romania to be exact. We do not know what happened in the first years of her life – she probably was a stray dog living on the streets. Later she was brought to a rescue centre in Germany. She was very shy and even bit when she felt cornered. The rescue centre had to downsize due to renovation works and Janet moved to a shelter in our area. She still was very anxious, but staff and volunteers did  not give up on her. They got help from an experienced confident dog named Napoleon, with whom Janet shared the kennel. And finally, she started opening up to humans.

Meanwhile, my husband had started looking for our dog. We always knew we wanted to adopt a dog, so the local shelters were the first place to looks. Soon he found Janet: Black female dog, medium height, shy, approximately six years old. We contacted the shelter, met Janet and learned there would be a lot to work on. She refused to come with us for a walk and didn’t want to leave the shelter. When we finally got a few steps away from the shelter, she was afraid of everything: cars, rustling leaves, sudden moves… It took lots of patience and treats to convince her we were no threat. A few months later, she had calmed down and hesitantly started reaching out to us.

It was time for the next step: introducing Janet to our home, especially the cats. We knew Janet had ignored the cats living in the shelter,  so we were optimistic and took her with us over night. It worked out smoothly from the beginning,  everybody just went on with their lives. The rest is history.

Since then, Janet has turned into an affectionate dog that loves food and every member of her pack. She just needed a forever home. Every day she transmits love and cheerfulness. Janetmaus, may there be many more happy years with you!