Feline Friday 7

Feline Friday 7

L is for LOVE and LOYALTY

L is for LOVE and LOYALTY


My motto for this year’s A to Z is “Animals in my life – stuffed or alive”.

This is also a contribution to Feline Friday.

The most important things my pets taught me are love and loyalty. They see us humans as one of them, and they treat us as a member of their pack. I think this is the most important reason why being with pets has such a calming effect on most people. They don’t ask questions, they don’t discriminate, they just love us.

The picture above shows fltr Sammy, Jackie and Micky. Micky really had a big heart. After being the only cat in our household for three years, Sammy joined us. Micky soon understood this kitten needed help, and help she did. She treated Sammy as she had born her herself. Later Sammy gave birth to Jackie, and Micky helped rising her, too.

Later, Sammy and Jackie accepted even dogs in their home. The pack has gone through so many changes since we started having cats. But one thing remained the same: Every member wanted it to work out and did whatever he/she could (including us humans).

When one of us was ill, we could count on the fact that one of the cats would join us and purr up a storm. Jackie still does that. We humans tried and try to repay them. This includes helping them over the Rainbow Bridge. It’s the least we can do for a pet that was loyal to us all its life.

If you visit an animal shelter, you will hear many stories why pets had to leave their home. Most of them could have been prevented. The real reason often was the humans didn’t want to spent more time or money on their pets.

If you ask me, this is a shame. I will always try to be worthy of the love and loyalty our pets give us. I asked everybody who tells us that he/she wants a pet to think very hard if they can be as loving and loyal as their pet for years or even decades!






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