The last stretch of winter

The last stretch of winter

The last weeks of winter are always hard for me. I feel this is kind of stupid, and my brain insists that winter will be over soon and March probably will bring the first nice spring days. But somehow it feels like my battery is empty. We had snow for a few days. That was a nice change, but on the other had I had to use my already low energy for shoveling snow. Snow gave way to rain, and now there is a gloomy atmosphere outside.

 I try to limit the damage and set priorities. Of course the furbabies are high on my list, they can’t take care of themselves after all. Walking the dogs and snuggling sessions with the cat are a must! And as far as I can see, the three are doing well. I try to squeeze in as many chores as possible. Things have been worse, that’s for sure. 

Next week is my quarterly appointment with my psychiatrist. Maybe she has some suggestions how I can improve things. 

I hope you are well! I’ll try to catch up with you in the next days.

Take care!


11 thoughts on “The last stretch of winter

    1. Yes, it’s a good thing February is a short month. Under normal circumstances there would have been a big celebration, carnival, this month, but in Corona times this isn’t possible. But winter will end finally.

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  1. We are all feeling the same, Viola. We’re all tired of winter and want some good weather. That will charge our batteries.

    Have a fabulous day. Scritches to the babies. ♥

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  2. Winter is hard on almost everybody. Luckily I am in Australia and in Queensland. Where we don’t have such severe winters with snow. First try and keep warm as possible when indoors, and eat and drink nourishing food as much as possible. Being strong physically helps. How is your appetite?
    I do hope your visit to the psychiatrist goes well. Yes they can give a lot of good advice and so glad you are going for consulting. You are welcome to visit my site You do not have to like it but see if some of what I write helps. In the mean time “Thinks somehow you are Strong’ and Try as much as possible to keep yourself well nourished. Sending Many Blessings of Healing Energies Your way, as I am A Healer with Healing Energies for Good Health ❤ ❤ ❤


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