Thankful Thursday #55

Thankful Thursday #55

Thankful Thursday Blog Hop

The Thankful Thursday Blog Hop is hosted by Brian from Brian’s Home. He encourages us to say what we are thankful for today.

Today I’m thankful for all of you wonderful bloggers who made this difficult time a lot easier to bear. I can’t tell you how often one of your comments or posts made my day!

I wish you a Happy Holiday, it doesn’t matter if you celebrate Christmas or not, all of us can use a well-earned break. We will at least be able to see a few familiy members, and for that I’m grateful as well.

Have a wonderful Thankful Thursday!


15 thoughts on “Thankful Thursday #55

      1. That sounds good. Since I’m no Christian and I don’t celebrate these days are just normal days with closed shops to me, but since the kid’s with his family and the assistants don’t come in it means I finally have some quiet time to myself, which I guess counts as a sort of celebration.. I was invited to join the “Heilg Abend Mampfi” in the Frauenhaus digitally and they had the whole program, i.e, tree, decorations, dinner and whatnot, so I can actually say that for once in 40 years I saw how real people celebrate peacefully and non-violent and we all agreed that 2020 is the best Christmas ever, so I really can’t complain. Even the kid and his family dropped by via skype and signed a carol for everyone. After that everyone had to put up with “Fuck 2020” by Scooter, which is a current favourite of the kid’s and all the hearing kids in the Frauenhaus joined in shouting along. It was very funny and we laughed a lot and shared stories of how we remember Scooter started out in the “Hyper! Hyper!” days when we were teenagers, but I guess if someone’s really into Christmas they would say it spoiled the mood.


      2. Many of us had to find different ways to celebrate Christmas this year, and I hope some of this creativity sticks. I like the way the Frauenhaus was able to make this Christmas such a special event for all of you. We didn’t see all family members this year, and we went for a walk with the parents-in-law instead of meeting indoors, but it was still an ok Christmas, and like you we enjoyed the quietness it brought.
        I’ve heard of “Fuck 2020” , but I never listened to the actual song. I’ll give it a try on NYE, though.


      3. There is a version together with the RTO Ehrenfeld, which is a bit quieter than the original. Somebody on Youtube made a 10 h loop out of that, so we’re having a lot of the song when the kid’s around.


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