Sam’s ear, a neverending story

Sam’s ear, a neverending story

Sam still has to take a daily dose of Prednisolone, but it’s 3,75 mg now instead of 5mg. So far, so good. The vet checks on him on a weekly basis.

For me, quality of life is want I want most for our furbabies. Sam may still have side effects from the Prednisolone, but he doesn’t mind taking three meds every day (thyroid hormone, ointment for his ears and Prednisolone). He is so trusting, just takes his meds and goes on with his day. Thats’s not a given, our first cat Micky fought with everything she had when we tried to give her much needed heart meds. At some point we just had to accept that was not the kind of life she wanted to live. We had to let her go over the Rainbow Bridge after a few weeks.  

We have not reached this point with Sam yet. But after our last appointment I’m not sure if the vet believes we will get Sam off the Prednisolone completely. Right now all I have is second-hand information, because only one person is allowed to go in the consultation room with Sam, and for the last appointments my husband talked to the vet. At the next appointment I’ll accompany Sam and ask my questions, because I want to know where we stand and where we are going. 




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