Group analytic psychotherapy

Group analytic psychotherapy


Recently I finished OT. But I continue group analytic therapy. 

OT often didn’t push me anymore, on the other hand analytic group is sometimes almost too much. I know this kind of group therapy from my inpatient treatments, but then I could talk to the staff later if I felt overwhelmed. Now, in an outpatient setting, I’m mostly on my own. Our therapist offers single sessions, but of course we have to wait for a free slot. 

I’m an empathic person, I feel the pain of the other patients. I’d like to help them instantly, but that’s not possible. All I can do is listen and help them unburdening their soul a little bit.

Analytic psychotherapy is – compared to behavioral therapy, for instance – a long process, it doesn’t work quickly. Patience is none of my virtues. I’d like to overcome my own problems NOW, but there’s no shortcut. Often I come home from therapy and feel very frustrated. 

I asked my therapist in our last individual session if it makes sense for me to continue. He said that I’m still at the beginning (I started group mid January, but soon after that came the big Corona-break), and that this kind of group therapy is expected to last for years. He thinks therapy will help me a great deal with my problems, he advised me just to go on with it and keep an open mind for everything that will come my way.

Sigh… So I’ll do my very best to meet the others tomorrow morning. Let’s hope I will get at least a little bit wiser. Slow and steady wins this race!


13 thoughts on “Group analytic psychotherapy

  1. Good luck! Is this a specific type of analytic therapy? I mean, Freudian therapy and suchlike isn’t covered by insurance hre in the Netherlands because it’s not evidence-based, but I know some therapy approaches that combine psychodynamic with cognitive and behavioral approaches and I do know there’s some value in psychodynamic therapy for some.

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    1. Thanks! Here Freudian therapy is not as popular as behavioural therapy and mostly not the first course of treatment, but it’s covered by health insurance.
      As far as I know, we don’t follow a specific type of analytical therapy, but analytical group therapy is rare.

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  2. Waiting for change to happen is the hard part, i agree. Our culture that values fast food, microwave ovens, InstaPots, and overnight delivery does not challenge us on our “i want it now” tendencies.

    May your patience in continuing the therapy be amply rewarded, in due time, of course.


  3. You could try to get more from your sessions by writing about them afterwards or before. Your therapist is there to assist YOUR healing so can give you points to focus on or help you after addressing significant issues. (They may be against this idea, it is only a suggestion)
    I always suggest writing, writing and more writing! 🧡

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