Thankful Thursday #49

Thankful Thursday #49

Thankful Thursday Blog Hop

The Thankful Thursday Blog Hop is hosted by Brian from Brian’s Home. He encourages us to say what we are thankful for today.

Today I am thankful for my intuition. It told me quite clearly something was wrong with my gums. There was an itching, burning sensation and bleeding. So Corona be damned, I made an appointment with my dentist, and luckily could be seen the next day.

The dentist is another thing I am thankful for. Turns out I have a moderate case of periodontitis. This can become a serious problem and make teeth fall out. He was so nice, he assured me he sees I take good care of my teeth, and this isn’t my fault. He also came up with a plan and told me what to do. Unfortunately this isn’t something that goes away in a week, we are talking at least a year, but I am sure he knows what he is doing. Health insurance has to agree first, so we have to wait another three weeks before starting treatment, but I am glad I listened to my intuition and went to the dentist before something really bad happened.

Have a wonderful day!



15 thoughts on “Thankful Thursday #49

      1. I definitely see your point. Though I don’t think one should be surprised about this. Mind you, they cut down on paying for regular check-ups etc., too. What was paid for annually because it is important to recognise certain things early, might now only be paid once in three years. I’ve seen women over 35 mention it about breast cancer prevention for example. (And personally I was wondering why I wasn’t suggested a date for a check-up appointment by the office, turns out I am too old.)

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  1. I’m so happy for you too that you were able to catch the issue before anything serious happened. Here’s hoping health insurance will agree to cover the costs of your treatment.

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