Stapleless again

Stapleless again

Sam always is a sensitive und nervous dog. This was even worse last week. It was a hard time for all of us. The wounds must have itched really bad, Sam always tried to lick them. When we made him wear the cone he couldn’t reach them, but he was also very depressed and barely moved. When he didn’t wear the cone, we had to be very careful that he leaves the wounds alone and were very tense. On top of all of this, he didn’t want to take his meds, and the vet had prescribed antibiotics and pain killers… Well, at least the pain med was a syrup and easier to swallow for him.

However, the wounds healed well, and today the staples were removed. Since then Sam is much calmer and his usual self again. Let’s hope there will be no further complications.


12 thoughts on “Stapleless again

  1. Aww poor little guy, it must be awful knowing how uncomfortable and sad he’s been with it all. It’s heartbreaking when our pets aren’t well because they don’t understand and we can’t ask where it hurts and it’s just not easy at all. Hopefully the syrupy meds will continue to work their magic and it’ll be onwards and upwards now the staples are out. I bet he’s glad for that!  ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥

    Caz xx

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    1. Once the staples were out he almost stopped licking the wounds.
      Yes, I often would like to be able to speak with our furbabies, sometimes it’s just hard to see them hurting and suffer.
      Have a great weekend, Caz xo

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      1. I was wondering that, whether he’s effected by what happened to him 😦 …and that healed bite looked like it was bad. Sounds like your neighbour’s dog is dangerous. xo

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