Thankful Thursday #40

Thankful Thursday #40

Thankful Thursday Blog Hop

The Thankful Thursday Blog Hop is hosted by Brian from Brian’s Home. He encourages us to say what we are thankful for today.

Today I am still thankful for the meeting with my pain doc yesterday. Both of us agreed I am coping well with my back pain at the moment and may not really need them at the moment :-). I am still on pain medication, but I don’t need opiods right now, and I have a good quality of life.

When I was leaving I told her I am so thankful for her and her team, they helped me so much. I also thanked her and the receptionist that they are still there for us patients in this difficult time. Spreading thankfulness makes bearing this Corona situation much easier.


8 thoughts on “Thankful Thursday #40

  1. Great news, Viola. I say thank you a lot all the time, but right now I’m doing it more. There are so many out there that are working very hard during this difficult time.

    Have a fabulous Thankful Thursday. ♥

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