Baby steps

Baby steps

(The picture above is not the actual conversation, but a translation into english).
Yesterday I chatted with a former fellow patient from my inpatient stay last year.

Our chat made me see that I am still very impatient with myself. Even days after my husband’s birthday I was quite upset and was angry with myself, because it’s still hard for me to be around the little niece.

But like V. pointed out, I did a few little steps in the right direction. After all there were times where I couldn’t stand being around the little one.

Conversations like this are the reason why I continue therapy at the moment. On my own I wouldn’t see this, and I would still hate myself. And this feeling doesn’t help, I learned that from the past.

I have come so far in the last months, but I still need help. Sometimes somebody needs to give me a push, so I can get things straight.


16 thoughts on “Baby steps

  1. Absolutely, and sometimes we can be our own worst enemy. Being hard on yourself means a reminder from someone else to ease up and celebrate your achievements can be much needed, because each little step, no matter how small, counts.  ♥

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