Thankful Thursday #38

Thankful Thursday #38

Thankful Thursday Blog Hop

The Thankful Thursday Blog Hop is hosted by Brian from Brian’s Home. He encourages us to say what we are thankful for today.

Today I am very thankful for the hour I spend with with a former fellow patient I met during my inpatient stay in 2018. She had an appointment near the office where I had group therapy this morning, so we decided to have a coffee together.

We talked about everything that had happened in the last weeks, knowing that the other would listen without judgement. We have different battles to fight at the moment, but both of us know a sympathetic ear is just one call away. That’s so good to know. We felt so much better when we parted.



12 thoughts on “Thankful Thursday #38

  1. What a beautiful post for Thankful Thursday. Good friends and a caring, compassionate ear are one of the greatest blessings we could have in this life. It can be the difference between bearable pain and unbearable. I’m thankful you have this friend!

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