It seems I have too many appointments on Thursdays: Group Therapy in the morning, OT relaxation group in the afternoon. Both appointments can’t be rescheduled, both are good for me. But two sessions on one day are too much. The decision is clear: Even without relaxation group, I have two OT-sessions every week, group therapy is only once a week.

Typical me: At first I thought I would be able to do both. As so many times before I had to admit I had bitten off more than I could chew. Well, at least I realise those things quicker now than I did in the past. But I am disappointed by myself anyway.

I don’t like to leave relaxation group. It was good to have this me-time once a week. I knew the people, and I felt at ease and safe with them. Group therapy is more demanding and brings me out of my comfort zone. But maybe this challenge is exactly what I need now and will help me grow. I need a gentle shove sometimes.

But I will always be thankful for this one and a half year in relaxation group. It brought me more tools for my personal tool box, and this is priceless.



8 thoughts on “Thursdays

  1. I think you’ve done well doing this long for both of them but it shows how far you’ve come to know what’s too much, to put your needs first and make a decision like this. You’ve got the tools from relaxation and can implement them in your day to day life hopefully, and who knows, maybe something else will come up in future on a different day that you could do instead. As you say, maybe this is the time for you to shake things up a little, a time for growth.xx

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