Chores have to take a back seat this week. I want to do our tax return soon, and I won’t to waste time looking for insurance policies then.

Sadly, I still don’t have energy for everything I want to do. So getting my priorities straight is important. Right now, the house doesn’t have do be presentable, so it’s no big deal if I concentrate on something different.

It’s not new that I have to be careful with my energy, but my attitude has changed. A few months ago this really upset me, today I am more relaxed and think “So what?!” This makes everything so much easier. And in my opinion it’s always better to make a conscious decision, in this case “This week I focus on X, next week Y is my priority.” That makes me feel like I have at least control over some parts of my life.

Tomorrow I can go and talk to my new therapist with a clear head, because I finished the paperwork.


8 thoughts on “Paperwork

  1. Hope you manage(d) to get on okay with the paperwork. Prioritising isn’t easy when you feel like everything needs to be done, and right now (which is the problem I have in my head), so well done for feeling a little calmer and able to focus on the part you needed to do first. As you say, other things can wait. The world won’t fall apart, even if we feel it will. Take your time. I hope your session went well today too. xx

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    1. That’s exactly the point: The world really DOESN’T fall apart 😳.
      The session went well, my therapist thinks we have everything together to convince health insurance.
      Have a wonderful Sunday, Caz xx

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