Wedding anniversary dinner

Wedding anniversary dinner


I am still very thankful for the dinner voucher my parents gave us for our 25th wedding anniversary. At first I wasn’t sure how it would feel to go back to the place where we celebrated our wedding: So much has happened in the last years, and there where also hard times.

I needn’t have worried, like I so often do. We talked about the bad things, but about the good times as well. Some people who celebrated with us back then are not in our life anymore, they died or we lost touch, but we remembered them anyway. After our wedding 25 years ago I drove to the restaurant with our witness, because she didn’t know the way – this time we were led by our navigation system. We didn’t raise children, but our house is full of live.

It’s so nice the good outweighs the bad after all the time.


11 thoughts on “Wedding anniversary dinner

  1. I often find (not always, admittedly!) things can go better than I expect and I wish I hadn’t have worried and stressed so much. It’s good when that happens. So glad you both had a lovely time 🌹 xx

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