Thankful Thursday #31

Thankful Thursday #31

Thankful Thursday Blog Hop

The Thankful Thursday Blog Hop is hosted by Brian from Brian’s Home. He encourages us to say what we are thankful for today.

First, here is a picture of our new sofa. I wrote about it last week on Thankful Thursday:


When it is folded out, it is big enough for all of us. It’s wonderful to have that much space. Jackie is still upset because we changed something in her living room, but humans and dogs love it!

But I degress. Today I am very thankful for my new therapist. He is willing to argue with health insurance, so that the costs of the group therapy will be covered. Before I join the group, I have single therapy sessions with him. Our talks helped me to see that I may have problems, but I also have strength in me and can fight back. I am very thankful for that!



12 thoughts on “Thankful Thursday #31

  1. I love your new sofa. Thanks for posting a picture so we could all see it. You’ll have a great place to cuddle with your babies and Jackie will warm up to it in time. It’s the way of cats.

    I’m glad your new therapist is helping you in so many ways.

    Have a fabulous Thankful Thursday. ♥

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  2. I think we cats are good in ignoring at first and then, at once, we make it our own…ask Grandpaw, he knows all about it…MOL…So glad you found a therapist who connects so good with you, Viola😸Pawkisses for a Happy and Relaxed Weekend🐾😽💞

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  3. Im glad you feel the therapy is helpful. I never did group therapy but found the one on one helped me to go to some places I did not want to go to and going there was a necessary part of my recovery. And I think your new sofa is very nice

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