I really appreciate what my therapists say, and I take their advice seriously. But after thinking everything through, sometimes I decide against it.

My OT-therapist didn’t agree with my approach to decide day by day if I am up to family meetings. She was of the opinion I should decide once and for all if I want to be a part of these meetings or not.

Well, I know that I will not always be up to it. This would mean I would never be part of these family reunions again. This would hurt my husband, who wants to spend time with his family and his wife. And sometimes, when I feel well, I just want to party and have this feeling of belonging. Everyone – myself included – can deal with the status quo quite well, so I won’t change anything.

The good thing is that this discussion made me make up my mind. This brought a wonderful feeling of clarity and peace.

In the last years I have come to the conclusion that therapists and doctors don’t know everything. Making decisions and being responsible is always up to the patient. I know there are people that would like to delegate responsibility. I prefer staying in control of my life.


6 thoughts on “Self-responsibility

  1. Doctors are smart, but they do not know everything. You know yourself and your family best, and if you need to decide on these things on a case by case basis, i think that’s wise. If it stops working for you, you can change your mind.

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