Last year was a little bit like this bowl that I made in OT during my last inpatient stay.

I worked on this bowl in six sessions, each session lasted one and a half hour. It was hard, and at the beginning I doubted that my energy and perseverance would be enough. But I found strength in me that I didn’t know I had, and after a rocky start I enjoyed working on it very much. The bowl isn’t finished, and it isn’t perfect, but I don’t mind: It’s the message that counts. I put it on my nightstand, I have my morning medication and my alarm watch in it, and I see it every day.

2019 was a painful and exhausting year. But I also got a lot of help, and I surely learned a lot as well. I changed as a person, and I made changes in my life, so things hopefully will continue to get better. But right now I enjoy some quiet days and try to recharge.


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