Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas!


On my german blog I posted a story about my family last week. It was about how my mother made our Christmas festivities a celebration of life.

My grandmother and my uncle passed shortly before Christmas, so we are always grateful for those who are still with us. We also remember those who aren’t, but mostly we try to be thankful for what we have. Christmas in our family brings together life and death, the circle of life is completed. My mother always makes sure we toast “to life”.

My mother also made a point to invite friends over who were alone on Christmas. It never made celebrating less wonderful, our guests always brought something fresh and new with them. And it made our friends feel so much better.

I know a few people for whom this Christmas may be difficult. I am to far away to celebrate with them, but I made a point to reach out for them. Wished them a merry Christmas and told them when we would meet again to give them something to look forward to. And they know they can talk to me if they need to. It’s all I can do for them, but I try to do at least something.


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