Facing my fears

Facing my fears


Wednesday I tried to make the next step. My plan was to meet with the little niece outside the family gatherings, because meeting many people adds to the stress.

My husband and the in-laws really tried to accomodate me. Everybody wanted to make this possible. It was hard for me to accept so much help, but I tried to help them in the past as well. And I am of course aware of the fact that everybody needs help sometimes.

I went through a lot of feelings that day, and I shed a few tears as well. And on the next day I still felt very rattled. But after that, I calmed down. It wasn’t so bad that I couldn’t handle it. But maybe my goal to at least be a part of the family festivities is realistic. And maybe it becomes easier with time.

My next goal will be to go to the Christmas brunch held by the parents-in-law on boxing day.

The pain that we will won’t have children will not just vanish. But I don’t want it to destroy my life. I will see what is possible. But I will continue to find my own way.



6 thoughts on “Facing my fears

    1. I agree with Brian. It’s a brilliant step, Viola, and for what it’s worth, I think you did brilliantly. It can’t be easy but you survived, and you will do again for the Christmas brunch on Boxing Day. We know you can do it so I hope you believe that, too. You’ve got this  ♥
      Caz xx

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