Group therapy

Group therapy

It’s good to be home, and I hope it stays that way. But of course many things that happened during my inpatient treatment are still fresh on my mind.

A very important part of the therapy took place in groups – twice a week in small group for ninety minutes each, once a week all patients came together to talk for an hour.

It was interesting that the patients were at different levels on their way to recovery. Those who just started therapy were often at a loss, the old life didn’t work anymore, the new life was still out of reach. But other patients were already better and showed the new patients that a change for the better was possible, and that work will pay off.

Best case scenario: The group works together, so everyone is motivated and tries to support those who struggle. Of course not every session is a success. But a close group can deal with that as well.

Of course there also were difficult situations. And my bad hearing often complicated things further. But we got through this together. I miss this sometimes, now that I have to spend a big part of my time alone. But everything I learned became a part of my personality and will hopefully stay with me forever.


10 thoughts on “Group therapy

  1. It’s good that you can now help the new patients with their struggles. What a great idea. I’m sure you’ll do fine. You’ve come so very far.

    Have a fabulous day, Viola. ♥

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