“There a two kinds of patients…

“There a two kinds of patients…

…either they want to go home, or they want to stay in the hospital!” the senior physician told us during my last inpatient stay. I belong to the first group, but I still have to fully settle in at home.

During my inpatient stay, others did most of the chores for me, my meds were organized for me, and therapy was close by.

At home I have to take care of chores and meds myself, and I am responsible for getting to my therapy sessions in time. This is not always easy, even though I am motivated. Two years ago, I came home from inpatient therapy and fell into the next depressive episode straight away. I am trying not to let that happen again, and I know things will get easier after a short time.

It felt good to join group OT again. I am also trying to get a place in a therapy group, because my therapist on the ward and I agreed that would be the best way of aftercare. But I am optimistic everything will turn out alright.


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