It sucks

It sucks

This is my opinion on my last quaterly meeting with my psychiatrist.

During my last inpatient stay I started taking a tricyclic anti depressant.

First: Things could be better. I have difficulties going to sleep, have to take another medication for that and am tired in the morning. Second: I gained a lot of weight and am pre diabetic now. That has to stop.

My psychiatrist recommends another inpatient stay to switch anti depressants, she thinks that would be better. I wasn’t too happy about this. There are nicer places than a psychiatric ward.

The more I think about it, the less I like this idea. If I continue to feel bad about it, I will talk again to my doctor. In the past I often changed meds safely at home. On he other hand I feel like the psychiatrist puts my well-being first, and this is a good thing.

12 thoughts on “It sucks

  1. It’s heartening they’re putting your wellbeing first and thinking of what may be best for you, but you also need to be comfortable with the decision. Is it possible to move over to a different anti depressant at home, say at the start of a week rather than get caught out with a weekend, then get in touch with someone there asap if you’re struggling with it? I hope you can make whatever choice is best for you, and hopefully a different anti-depressant will be better all-round xx

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      1. Hier im Heim sagen die Schwestern und Angestellten immer: “Alles wird gut!” Erst dachte ich: “Ja, ja…” Aber mittlerweile wirken diese Worte beruhigend auf mich. Also sage ich zu dir: “Alles wird gut!”

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