My inner child…

My inner child…

…is not happy at the moment, because I am home alone this week. My husband and the dogs went on a fishing trip, and I know how important that is for him. It’s his way of recharging.

I am feeling anxious and insecure when I am alone for several days. I become very aware of my bad hearing, and I am afraid to miss something important. My ear needs a break, I can’t wear my hearing aid 24 hours a day. Another reason is I never lived on my own, I am just not used to it.

The nights are the worst. Mostly I fall sleep very late with the lights and TV on. My therapist once told me I shouldn’t care – whatever helps, helps – but of course I don’t sleep very well this way.

I did okay during the days. Every day I left the house to meet people. Occupational therapy, meeting a friend and having ice cream with my father kept me busy. My inner child doesn’t need much interaction, she just needs to see she is not alone in the world. I also cleaned the house, a very good thing because there was no dirt from the terrace. That made me very happy. And of course there is our cat, I have to take care of her as well.

Grown-up me thinks I am doing well and tries to stay calm. But I will be very relieved when my husband and the dogs are back.

5 thoughts on “My inner child…

  1. That’s the way to go VIola. Just, get yourself occupied with something, a hobby or gardening. I don’t know. Whatever rocks your boat, do it. Have fun. I’d like to see you have fun. 😀

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  2. It isn’t easy to stay alone when you are not used to it. When he goes again someday (maybe in a year), do you think it would help if you spent a night with a friend or family member, or invited someone to spend at least one night with you?

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