Thankful Thursday #18

Thankful Thursday #18

Thankful Thursday Blog Hop

The Thankful Thursday Blog Hop is hosted by Brian from Brian’s Home. He encourages us to say what we are thankful for today.

Today I am thankful that I could help a friend yesterday. We met during my inpatient stay last year, and stayed in contact ever since. She lives alone and was in need of someone she could talk to. I was able to do that yesterday. I also came up with some rational thoughts for her feelings. While we talked, we had a wonderful dinner. It was warm, so we sat outside – it was a nice energetic, lively atmosphere around us. And I soaked up every minute of it! So it’s safe to say, both of us had a good evening.

Like I always say, I get lots of help, so I try to give back when I am able to.


11 thoughts on “Thankful Thursday #18

  1. Being there for someone….nothing better. And doing for others, always makes us feel better as well. Sounds like a win win. Popping in as I make rounds for Thankful Thursday.

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