Meeting the dog trainer

Meeting the dog trainer

It was very interesting what the dog trainer found out about Sam in a few minutes. She didn’t ask us about information before the meeting, she just wanted to meet Sam “in person”.

She confirmed what we already knew. Sam is a very sensitive soul, he would do everything to protect and please us. It’s now up to us to make him realize that the humans are in charge and that he can trust us. We have to mind our body language very closely, there’s a food supplement we can try, and we should change his diet to venison.

Minding my body language will be a challenge. The dog trainer told me to call Sam, and he came to my side, but the dog trainer told me my posture wasn’t very welcoming, and she was right.

She also said, there is definitely a bond between Sam and me. I really liked to hear that, because we didn’t have an easy start.

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