Ten Things of Thankful, Week 31/2019

Ten Things of Thankful, Week 31/2019


So I proudly join the TToT-community again. Let’s see what I can contribute this week:

It was a tough week, but I had some thankful moments as well.

  • Working on my tablet in OT on Monday was fun.
  • Tuesday we closed the gaps between the tiles of our mosaics. After working on this for over half a year that was such a big step. We are almost finished!
  • The display of my mobile broke. I am very thankful that I have a spare mobile, so I can stay connected.
  • I am also very glad my phone is insured.
  • When I went to a shop, we found out the insurance company listed the wrong IMEI… So I had to call the insurance company. Hearing aid… No lip reading… You know the drill, but I was able to sort this out. I am thankful for the patience of everybody involved.
  • We started working on the terrace again. We covered everything with a tarp, and from now on we don’t need to care about the weather.
  • We started putting the tiles back on. This will take a while, because every tile has to be carefully adjusted, but it’s the last thing we need to do. That’s great (hey! Just 240 more tiles :-))
  • Had a bad anxiety attack on Thursday, but was able to cut it short with relaxation techniques I learned in OT relaxation group. That was good.
  • When I felt really bad I was thankful for my as-needed med, that quickly helped me to calm down. Exactly what I needed in that situation.
  • We were finally able to arrange a meeting with the dog trainer our friend recommended. She contacted me, and we will meet her on Saturday.

21 thoughts on “Ten Things of Thankful, Week 31/2019

  1. I’m so sorry your week was tough, but you nonetheless came up with a lot of thankfuls. That’s wonderful that you managed to get yourself out of an anxiety attack soon by using the skills you’d learned. Sorry to hear about the broken phone screen. I’m glad the phone was insured.

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  2. Really hope to see photos when you’re finished with the terrace… sounds like a very cool home improv project.
    Good work on dodging the anxiety, it is one of the worse feelings available us humans and every minute we reduce the time we are in it’s grip is a wonderful moment.

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  3. What a nightmare with the phone, I’m lucky I’ve never had a screen broken. It’s great you’ve been able to use the tools you’ve learned and look after yourself when you’ve had an anxiety attack and when you’ve felt bad, you should be proud! Hope all goes well with meeting the new trainer on Saturday 🙂
    Caz xx

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  4. I am impressed with how well you handled the challenges that were thrown your way this past week.
    Just 240 more tiles! It will soon be party time!
    Having insurance and tarps, just in case, is always a wise decision.
    Hope the this new week is all you hope it to be.

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  5. I’m impressed with the patience you have (or at the very least are developing) with the mosaic project and the terrace project. It must be so satisfying to see that the end is in sight!

    I’m glad you have tools at your disposal to help with anxiety.

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  6. I’m picturing 240 tiles to replace and it’s making my back hurt in sympathy! My phone screen has at least half a dozen lcracks in it. They may be in the screen protector and not the actual screen, but I’m afraid to peel the protector off to find out!

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