Helping hands

Helping hands

Last Thursday a friend texted me. She had to send off her dog to Rainbow Bridge a few hours ago, could I come over and help?

Her dog was old and ill, but it’s always hard when a furbaby leaves us. So I asked myself if I had enough energy left to help her. The answer was yes, and I went to her straight away.

Our friend was crying a lot, of course. During the next days I helped her to create a nice final resting place for her beloved furbaby. I was very mindful to do everything like she wanted it to be done. I am sure she would have been able to to all this without my help, she just needed somebody by her side.

Now everything is done, and I hope she will be able to calm down eventually. I am glad I could be there for her. So many people are helping me, I am glad I could give something back.

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