When love isn’t enough

When love isn’t enough

Yes, there are moments like these on the picture: Lots of snuggling and love. And the love goes both ways.

But there are also the moments where Sam makes a ruckus at the door, pulls on the leash, or barks loudly at everything on the street. This is when love alone doesn’t help.

We have been looking for a good dog trainer for quite some time. It’s not easy, because it has to be a match for Sam AND for us. I don’t approve some methods. I don’t want any violence. I need somebody who understands Sam and tells me how I can help him. One thing is sure: Sam doesn’t like these situations either, he is full of fear. I want to change my attitude, so Sam can change his behavior as well.

The big problem is, my energy level needs to be high enough to work with Sam. And I don’t know how long the good times will last. But this is something nobody knows, so I might as well start now. Maybe it’s no coincidence that our friend introduced me to a very nice dog trainer on Sunday. I can imagine working with her. Maybe the time is just right to tackle this problem 😀.

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