I want it now!

I want it now!


We are working on a mosaic in group OT. Each of us works on a part, and when the parts are put together, you see a wind rose. It is a lengthy procedure that requieres a lot of patience. The upper picture is taken before, the lower picture after the last session. It is very obvious I will not be finished soon.

After a few sessions I lost the interest and just wanted to stop working on it. Now I found out why: I am not very patient with myself, even though I am very patient where other people are concerned. I expect from myself that I get everything done NOW. I don’t care about the circumstances (for instance, I don’t know beforehand how the tiles will break – I just have to look for the right space for every piece).

It’s always amazing how OT mirrors life.

My aim for the next sessions will be to be kinder to myself and just enjoy this tricky puzzle game. Maybe I even can bring this attitude into my everyday life.


6 thoughts on “I want it now!

  1. I also have very little patience for myself and the things I do, there’s always a sense of pressure and a need to rush. Good insights from the project, and I guess it also reflects that saying of it’s about the ‘journey not the destination’, so enjoy the slow process of creating this rather than hoping to rush through it just to finish. xx


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