Yesterday I was on my way to an OT appointment. While riding the bus I usually look up information on the internet, text someone or listen to music… My mobile or my tablet often are very busy.

I noticed the battery of my mobile was just about 30%, and I was waiting for a call from my health insurance company. So I decided to use my mobile only in case of emergency. I usually have a mobile power bank with me, but it wasn’t charged.

So I was without any entertainment. I thought “This will be so boring”.

The bus arrived, I got in, took a seat and let my mind wander. My mind is always onto something. “Who wrote this?”, “Has S. replied to my mail yet?”, “I need to change the time for my OT appointment in the calendar”. I couldn’t find the answers to these issues as fast as I am used to and had to memorize them for a bit longer. This was unpleasant.

Many thoughts immediately got lost again. But I am sure the really important issues will come up again 🙂

One thing is for sure, my brain still knows how to think up a storm without online help. But of course it was set up offline, back in the Sevnties. On the other hand, when it comes to finishing thoughts, I got very much used to quick online help.


6 thoughts on “Offline

  1. I usually carry a back up power pack too. It is amazing how many tasks and things we do are now tied to the Internet and our instant access! I make a lot of notes to remember things on my phone, it I don’t it’s quickly forgotten!

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