Ten Things of Thankful, Week 14/2019

Ten Things of Thankful, Week 14/2019


So I proudly join the TToT-community again. Let’s see what I can contribute:

  • It was a hard week, I felt very tired and down. But everything got done, and this is a good thing.
  • Had a short chat with our neighbour. I could see she wasn’t feeling well, and I wanted to cheer her up a little bit. Seeing her smile was wonderful.
  • The window cleaners came on Thursday and did their part of spring cleaning. I am very thankful for the help, that we can afford it and that this is the only help I need at the moment.
  • I arranged a meeting with my father the following Wednesday, and I am very thankful that is feeling well enough again.
  • I mailed the wastemanagement company, we have some bulk garbage that has to be registered seperately. One more thing that will make our house tidier. The company replied quickly, they will dispose the bulk garbage on Tuesday.
  • Speaking of decluttering, I decluttered a little part of my room. Sometimes it is baby steps.
  • The dog from our friend that suffered from pancreatitis and gastritis is well again, but now the dog from our other friend suffered from severe pain due to arthritis. It looked very bad for a few days, she couldn’t even walk. But now she is better again. I am very thankful for that.
  • My best friend and I agreed that a meeting is overdue. So we will have breakfast in the week after easter. I am looking forward to it!
  • Sunday I tried to walk with a group of former shelter dogs and their owners. But it was too much, and I went home early. I am thankful I was mindful and cut the walk short – otherwise I would pay the price tomorrow.
  • Saturday we took a walk at a place we had never been before. It was nice to see something new. And once more we decided we have found the right place to live fourteen years ago.


15 thoughts on “Ten Things of Thankful, Week 14/2019

  1. Sounds like you had a good week overall. That’s a wonderful thing. Your post are so much brighter now. That’s even better.

    Have a fabulous day and week, my friend. ♥

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  2. Even if you were not at your best, you were looking out for someone else — that is great, the outward focus! Sometimes it’s so hard to do that.

    Baby steps always — things don’t get cluttered overnight, they don’t get cleaned overnight, either.

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    1. Looking out for someone else always makes us feel better. And of course you are right – cluttering is the result of months of neglect in our case. But I will continue to work on it!


  3. It’s really the small daily steps that add up–whether it is decluttering, taking a literal walk, stopping to chat with a neighbor, or keeping up with household chores. Sounds like you had a productive week! Hope your energy returns soon!

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  4. It is great to have something to look forward to, like lunch with a dear friend!
    How fun. . .to take a walk someplace you had never been before.
    Being reassured that some past decisions were the “right decisions” is always a good thing.

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