Ten Things of Thankful, Week 13/2019

Ten Things of Thankful, Week 13/2019


So I proudly join the TToT-community again. Let’s see what I can contribute:

  • Talked to my mother and we agreed to meet on Easter Monday to have coffee. I offered to make some of my famous yogurt for them, and she was delighted. Making them happy makes me happy as well, so it’s a deal.
  • My parents had a wonderful time in Spain, but after they came home my father got very sick from something he ate on the plane on their flight back. It took some time, but he feels better now.
  • Friday evening my husband and I had our monthly date in a local restaurant. It was nice, and I decided I will have my birthday dinner there and reserved a table (the location where I would have liked to celebrate is closed on Tuesdays, so I had to find someting else… check!).
  • We planned what need to be done in our garden, and came up with a long list. But planning made me feel optimistic.
  • Yesterday my husband invited a friend from the local fishing community, and they made baits (boilies, to be exact). I managed to get up early and made a cake for them (nothing special, I used a cake mix. But I wanted our guest to feel welcome, and it worked).
  • Having people visiting at short notice is so much easier now than last year for example, because I keep up with the chores quite well at the moment. This is such a good feeling.
  • While my husband and his fishing pal made baits, it loaded the dogs in the car and took a walk with our friend, her dog and a dog from the shelter. We had some very relaxed girlie time, and the dogs loved being out in the nice spring weather.
  • One of our dogs, Janet, has very thick fur and enjoys being brushed during shedding season. I took a moment to brush her thoroughly, and it was a wonderful intimate moment for both of us. It’s very rare our other dog, Sam, is quiet, but we were lucky.
  • It was the second week in March when I had all three OT-appointments in a week. Having more time on my hands was nice, but I enjoyed working on my mental health this week.
  • I was able to go outside without a coat! It was a great feeling. Spring has come to stay, or so I hope.



21 thoughts on “Ten Things of Thankful, Week 13/2019

  1. “I was able to go outside without a coat!
    Totally a grat item to the 10th power… we had such a day yesterday. Today, not so much (that is our new climate: seasonally pleasant / cold and rainy).
    Good to provide for guests without it causing any enjoyment-reducing stress.
    Have a good week!

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    1. Yeah, same here where the weather is concerned. But it’s okay for April.
      It is really a good feeling to have guests from time to time. And my brother-in-law is very pleasant company.
      Have a good week too!


  2. Happy upcoming birthday!
    Being able to keep up with the chores really does take much of the stress out of visitors, doesn’t it? Glad you were able to enjoy hosting a guest.

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  3. You had such a wonderful week! What a “gold star” week.
    I’m glad that your Dad is feeling better now.
    I enjoyed being able to be outside without a coat this last week too. 🙂

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    1. My father is a tough cookie, but you never know how things turn out in older people.
      The weather changed to rainy again, so I have to wear a light coat again. But this won’t last forever 🙂


  4. Even if it’s too cold to do anything outside still, at least it’s spring enough to plan! Winter just doesn’t quite want to give up this year!

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  5. It’s lovely you’ll get to meet up for Easter Monday and that your dad’s feeling better now. What flavour is your famous yoghurt? I’m glad you got out for the date and you’ve got something pencilled in for your birthday, too. Going outside without a coat… not something I’ll be brave enough to do until other people are probably walking around in flip flops and t-shirts but I’m looking forward to that day, fed up of being so bundled up in heaps of layers and still cold. I hope the rest of the week is good for you, Viola. ♥
    Caz xx

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    1. I use vanilla flavour and honey in my yoghurt, and what we like most about it, is that it is not so sweet like the yoghurt in the store.
      Feeling cold is awful, I would prefer to be bundled up as well!
      Have a great rest of this week too, Caz!

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      1. I buy store-bought yoghurt, this low cal stuff, but I love it. It’s individual pots of vanilla, and toffee flavour. The thought of vanilla and honey is very appealing, sounds yum! 🙂

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