Tired and stressed

Tired and stressed

This Saturday our house will be full of family (including the baby), and we will celebrate my husband’s birthday. I was hoping my anxiety level would go down, but this didn’t happen.

When I talked to my psychiatrist a few weeks ago, we agreed I should try a new as-needed med to calm me down (it’s an antipsychotic and not habit-forming).  Right now, I  couldn’t do without it. I am still trying to figure out with dose works best for me. It doesn’t help when I feel “comfortably numb”, but can’t get out of the bed.

If I could make a wish, tomorrow would be Sunday, but of course it doesn’t work this way. I also am afraid that I crash hard after the party, but of course I don’t know that yet.

Right now I just try to keep going, but it’s hard.

12 thoughts on “Tired and stressed

  1. You have come so far in this past year, and have overcome so much! I am believing that you can get through this party ok too. ♥️ I understand the deep anxiety you are feeling, but rather than focusing on what could go wrong, set your mind on how good you will feel once it is over and you have survived it. Let them have a fun day, and you focus on taking care of you. Remember to breathe 😊 My thoughts and prayers will be there with you! Hugs ♥️

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  2. Do you have someone that can help you with all the tasks that need doing? Often that helps with the anxiety. I hope all goes well for you.

    Have a great day and weekend. ♥

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  3. Break things down into manageable chunks and don’t feel you have to go it alone. Speak to your husband, he wants to be there for you. Tomorrow can and will be a good day. You can do this. The med change is obviously much-needed but it does throw an extra aspect for you to have to manage, but you’ve been through tough times before. Try to enjoy what you can, that’s what time with family and the party is all about. Take breaks and breathers whenever you need them. xxxxx

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  4. I’m thinking of you Viola. When I took my anti depressants, despite what some people were saying that they are not good for you, I found them to be life savers. Things will get better my friend. xox (((HUGS)))

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