Feline Friday #34

Feline Friday #34


The last days have been warmer, so Jackie can spend more time outside. She is very happy about this!

To be honest, I am glad it is not warm enough yet that she wants to be in the garden all day. When the weather is bad or cold, Jackie and I have a extra snuggling session in the morning, and I like it so much.

My husband gets up quite early, but before he leaves for work, he feeds Jackie and the dogs. If Jackie wants to go out then, he lets her in the garden. If she doesn’t feel like it, she comes back to bed after this. She then is full and in a very good mood, so she purrs a lot and wants to be near me. Sometimes I wake up when she jumps onto the bed, sometimes I don’t, but we both enjoy the warmth and the quiet atmosphere for a little bit longer. I can’t think of a better way to start the day!


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