Between a rock and a hard place

Between a rock and a hard place


Planning my husband’s birthday party caused many emotions to come up. Of course my biggest concern is meeting the baby.

I discussed this issue several times with different people. Basically, it comes down to this: Nobody can predict what will happen, and it is my choice. I can’t rely on my gut feeling – my anxiety disorder often tricked me into thinking things were much worse than they turned out to be in reality. My depression whispers in my ear that everything will go wrong. And my Borderline personality disorder laughs in my face and says I am just a little piece of shit anyway. Another part of me is tired of this negativity and doesn’t want to believe everything is so hopeless.

My idea was that I prepare everything for the party, stay at a hotel overnight and come home again when everything is over. This isn’t what my husband has in mind: He doesn’t want to have a birthday party without me. When I am not able to attend, he doesn’t want to have a party at all. And this a terrible thought for me – he didn’t have a birthday party last year, because I felt so depressed. And I know how much he enjoys to have his family around.

So we had to find another solution. My husband asked, if it was enough for me when I retreat to the rooms upstairs in case I feel overwhelmed. I said: Yes, but it has to be clear that everybody has to leave me alone when this happens.

“Your mother will want to check on you”, he said.

“That is something different!” I said, because my parents really have seen me at my worst by now.

“And I also would like to check on you”, he added.

“This is something different as well!” I replied, because… well, see above

One thing is for sure: I felt my husband tried to understand me, and we tried to find for both of us. This is how it should be in a marriage, but it wasn’t always for us, because I often wanted to solve everything by myself. That it was different this time is progress, I guess.

But I am still afraid that I could be absolutely overwhelmed with this siuation. Crossing this bridge takes a lot of strength from me.


6 thoughts on “Between a rock and a hard place

  1. What day is the party? I think the way you’ve negotiated this with your husband is brilliant, as is you being aware of how your anxiety, BPD & depression affect how you think about the situation. You know you can’t trust the negativity, and you know you may get overwhelmed. But you may manage it a lot better than you imagine, too. You’re far stronger than you realise, and you know what’s right for you. I think that giving it a go, step by step, and taking a breather if/when things are too much, is a realistic way to deal with it. You can do this, you and your husband and your parents if you need them. xxxx

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    1. Thanks for these uplifting words. As you say, this may be the best for everybody involved. And as my therapist said, avoiding a situation may lead to rising anxiety, so it’s important to move on.
      The party will be on March 2nd, so there still is time for me to calm down 🙂

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