Feline Friday #29

Feline Friday #29


Once more I show you a very relaxed Jackie. That’s not new, she is a pro at taking naps. Interesting is what happened next to her.

I sat down on the sofa, and Jackie chose to lay down on my right. A few minutes later Sam, our shepherd mix, very slowly and carefully joined us on my left… I was a bit worried, because Sam sometimes is jealous of Jackie. Believe it or not, this little cat is so self confident, she refuses to back off… And Jackie doesn’t like to share, so I was quite sure she wouldn’t allow Sam to stay on the couch.

But nothing happened. Maybe Jackie was in a generous mood, or she knew Sam would just stay on his side of the couch. Anyway, I enjoyed cuddling with both of them. It was very peaceful.

What I learned from this: Our cat is still able to surprise me, even if we have been living together for over fourteen years now 🙂



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