Still learning

Still learning


Last week wasn’t bad, I just overdid it. Tuesday and Thursday were full of appointments, and I had barely time to relax.

Monday and Wednesday I was busy doing chores. It is important for me to get this out of the way, otherwise I can’t focus on other things.

Saturday we helped preparing a charity event at the shelter and I made a cake we donated. In between we took a long walk with our dogs.

Sunday we walked the dogs again, visited the charity event at the shelter and started cleaning the fish tank in our living room. At afternoon I was so tired, that the proverbial straw made me cry.

This week was quieter, and I needed this to recharge at least a little bit. Tomorrow I visit a friend, we want to make Christmas cookies. Later I will have OT, but thankfully it’s the relaxation group.

I still have to learn to organize my appointments in a better way. It’s a good thing I got my mandatory duties done, but I didn’t have any time for myself (for blogging ,for instance). I can’t keep up such a busy lifestyle for a longer period of time, last week reminded me of that. What always helped me to relax were the daily walks with the dogs.



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