Ten Things of Thankful, Week 41/2018

Ten Things of Thankful, Week 41/2018

So I proudly join the TToT-community again. Let’s see what I can contribute:

  • I got home finally on Thursday after eight weeks of inpatient treatment. Even though this feels strange, I am very sure more therapy wouldn’t have helped me more. Good timing, I think.
  • Therapy has not always been easy, but I feel well prepared for life and like how my mind feels right now.
  • Our dogs greeted me very warmly after seeing me rather sporadically for two months. It may have helped I brought treats, of course😀. But it’s good they didn’t forget me. It’s so difficult to explain to animals a human has to leave for weeks.
  • Our cat also quickly got used to me being home again – one human more to boss around, but she also has been very cuddly since then.
  • My husband and I celebrated my homecoming with a very nice evening at a Thai restaurant. These times were it’s just the two of us doing something nice definitely have to happen more often. And I have many good ideas!
  • My husband was finally able to go on a long fishing trip. He wanted to this in summer, but couldn’t go because I went to the hospital. I am glad the weather is still nice and hope he enjoys it very much.
  • I took a long walk today. The weather was sunny and warm, and it relaxed me so much.
  • While walking, I met several people doing the same. Everybody was in a very good mood, we all smiled at each other. This is rare in Germany😁.
  • Now that I am home I am free to choose what I eat… Believe me, eight weeks of bland hospital food made me long for fresh fruit and salad! How are you supposed to get healthy when all you eat is processed food?
  • At first I was afraid leaving the secure environment the hospital created would leave me feeling insecure and afraid, but I was lucky and adapted very quickly.

10 thoughts on “Ten Things of Thankful, Week 41/2018

  1. I’m so happy you’re enjoying being home with your pack. They are happy too. I’m glad your husband is enjoying his fishing trip.

    Hubby and I have dates all the time. It’s a good thing to do. Just the two of you.

    Have a fabulous day and week. ♥

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    1. Thanks. My depression really put a strain on our marriage. This can’t be changed, but we can enjoy the good times. I like the idea of having dates on a regular basis! Have a good week!


  2. This sounds lovely, like things are going well.

    You are so right about hospital food. Since i am vegetarian, the last time i was in the hospital i asked for vegetarian meals. My first meal i knew i was in trouble — a white bread with processed cheese sandwich, so unhealthy!

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