Little Tasks

Little Tasks


A few days ago I saw my pain doctor for our quarterly meeting. We quickly agreed we won’t change the medication. Something is special about this doctor: She always gives me little tasks I have to fulfill until our next meeting. Mostly it’s about walking. This time was no exeption, I am supposed to hike to a restaurant that is located in the woods.

This will be bittersweet. The landscape is beautiful, but it is near my last workplace. And this is a place that holds bad memories.

I will never forget what my boss said to me why he wouldn’t give me an unlimited work contract. “I don’t hire disabled employees permanently. It’s to difficult to fire them.”

At this time, he knew me for a year. I was the one with the least sick time in accounting. I really thought he knew me better. And not everything about me is disabled! It hurt to be told that so bluntly in my face. Something inside of me broke this day for sure.

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