Batman’s little brother

Batman’s little brother


In the evening I often see bats who are flying around the streetlights looking for insects. But it was a frightening experience when I once was in the same room with a bat.

In Summer 1994, my then fiance an I just had moved into our first appartment. My better half had been fishing earlier this day, his big fishing bag was still standing in the room. Lights were out, we were watching TV.

Shortly after Midnight suddenly a bat was flying around in the room! My first thought was that my grandma had told me bats often fly into human hair and get stuck there – would I have to cut my beautiful long hair? Then I wondered if the vampire stories might be true after all?


My now husband was very surprised, but stayed calm. He opened the door to the terrace and turned on the light outside. He told me: “The bat will go towards the light!”

And so it was. Mini-Batman soon left our room. Then my husband told me what had happened. He had earlier rescued a bat that had gotten tangled in the fishing line. He carefully had brought it to the forest edge and forgotten about it. Seems the fishing bag made a cozy place for the soked animal. He had brought it home, and at night the bat wanted to hunt and left the bag.

Everytime I see a bat I am reminded of this. But nobody got harmed, and this is the best thing. You can’t make those things up 😉




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