Ten Things of Thankful, Week 21/2018

Ten Things of Thankful, Week 21/2018

Ten Things of Thankful

So I proudly join the TToT-community again. Let’s see what I can contribute:

  • My englisch blog now has an GDPR disclaimer as well. But I really hope we can forget about this now. It’s good to have it out of the way.
  • Talked with another woman with a walker while riding the bus home. It was nice to talk with somebody who knows the problems. But the talk was never sad, we had the same sense of dark humour 🙂
  • Found a good solution where my birthday is concerned: Celebrating later, when I feel better.
  • Learned once more that I have wonderful people around me. Everybody was so understanding and willing to help.
  • Berrytime!!! Strawberries and blueberries en masse. Love this time of the year.
  • New potatoes are wonderful as well! Maybe they are expensive, but also very tasty.
  • Had very good OT-sessions this week. It wasn’t planned, but I formulated two goals I want to work on in the next future. It’s always good to have a precise goal in your head and nothing cloudy.
  • Made my husband happy with serving lots of fresh Asparagus that was harvested locally. This is his highlight every summer!
  • Talked with my parents today. They feel good and are looking forward to a short trip to south Germany later this week. That’s always good to hear.
  • The next week will also be a short one, because of a bank holiday on Thursday. This sounds promising.




11 thoughts on “Ten Things of Thankful, Week 21/2018

  1. Hey, CS Lewis!* now there was a clark**, if ever I saw one, lol Of course, I make this reference in all of the positive sense that is so prevalent around the TToT bloghop.
    Good to see you again! The posts in this ‘hop are, imo, so beneficial because of the variety of ways people have of creating a grat list. Mimi (whose comment I’m butting in on, lol) is almost always the first to post each week and reading her posts inspires me to find new and more creative ways to write a list.
    Our weather here (southern New England, US) is supposed to be summer-like, unfortunately, of late we’re see changes, in the form of wild swings in weather from day to day. Not simply cool then warm, but hot then cold… very strange.
    I will stop typing now…

    *I trust my ‘thread-jumping’ is not taken the wrong way. Back in the day, the first years of this bloghop, the practice of joining in on neighboring conversations (aka the comment before, or below…lol) was more prevalent than current day
    ** in the sense of having the worldview of one of the three ‘personality types’ of the Wakefield Doctrine

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    1. Please feel free to thread-jump in here any time 🙂 Unfortunately those wild weather swings become more frequent. I will make sure to blog-hop more, there is so much to see!


  2. Looks like an enjoyable week. Having things in common and enjoying fresh produce, along with a plan to celebrate your birthday are all good things. It’s nice to focus on the positive when it could be so easy to do the opposite. Yay for you.

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  3. Identifying with/talking with another person who shares a common experience/condition can be powerful and imo, restorative. Hey, humor is humor. We’re goners if we don’t keep a sense of humor about life, ourselves. Common theme this week – the berries! I love them too and can think of no other summertime treat more satisfying.
    Happy Birthday wishes in reserve for the day you pick to celebrate 😀
    Enjoy the short work week!!!

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  4. I love the fresh berries and asparagus!
    Sometimes a little dark humor among those who share similar challenges can lighten the load.
    It is always good to know that those close to you are doing well. Hope your parents enjoy their travels and that it will be possible for you to celebrate your birthday soon.

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