Birthday blues

Birthday blues


With the end of May comes my birthday. This year I don’t feel like celebrating. This may be due to the fact that I am just feeling very blue at the moment. My worst case scenario is that everybody comes to party, while I am sobbing. This is not as unlikely as it may sound. I have shed tears over this thought and told my husband: “I wish my birthday didn’t exist!”


Well, I don’t live alone on an island, and there are dear people who WANT to celebrate my birthday with me. With those dear people, I agreed on celebrating later, when I feel better. It may not be my actual birthday then, but the mood will be right. On my actual birthday I will meet my father, and this will be it.

To tell other people I don’t feel like celebrating my birthday was hard. But I also want to listen to my heart and my feelings and not neglect them. So I think celebrating later is a good compromise.


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