Ten Things of Thankful, Week 18/2018

Ten Things of Thankful, Week 18/2018

Ten Things of Thankful

So I proudly join the TToT-community again. Let’s see what I can contribute:

  • My husband is on holiday for this and the next week. It’s so good to see him relax after five months of hard work.
  • We decided to visit a fair called “Dogs and Cats” next week. It’s always good to do fun things as a couple.
  • Tomorrow we will test a car brand my husbands considers buying after this car. So exiting! After this test drive we will do the groceries together and decide what we will have to eat later in the day.
  • Went to a charity event with a friend today. We supported a local shelter that helps former fighting dogs to find a new forever home. We saw many very well socialised Pitbulls, Staffs and other breeds that are deemed dangerous playing happily together. Heartwarming!
  • Looks the anti-tick-treatments on our pets is working, they bring home significantly less ticks than before. Makes life easier for us, and I hope for them as well.
  • We got the first local strawberries! They simply taste the best when they don’t travel far. There are so many tasty things now, fresh potatoes, blueberries…
  • I managed to get many chores done this week. That’s not always the case with my depression.
  • Had a nice chat with our neighbours. We knew they had dogs, but we didn’t know that they only take in dogs from animal shelters, as we do. Their dog is from Romania, as our two!
  • Taking photographs – especially landscapes – and editing them really became a new hobby for me. I welcome everything that is fun!
  • Living just was easy this week, and I am so thankful for that.

4 thoughts on “Ten Things of Thankful, Week 18/2018

  1. Sounds lovely, and great timing for your husband to be on holiday from work so you can both spend time doing enjoyable things together. Mmmm local strawberries are lush, always seem to taste better than the supermarket 🙂
    Caz xx

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