Z is for ZOO

Z is for ZOO


My motto for this year’s A to Z is “Animals in my life – stuffed or alive”.

I have to admit, I almost never visit zoos. I like the general idea, because it is difficult to protect what you don’t know, and you can watch animals you wouldn’t see otherwise. But very often in my opinion the animals are not given enough possibility to withdraw from the visitors.

But there are always exceptions. The wolvespark of Werner Freund in Saarland (link to englisch homepage) is one of those. The wolves here can choose if they want to be seen, or if they like to seek shelter in the woods and one of the many little wolf houses. At the time we were visiting, we were very lucky, because the staff fed the wolves and took the time to explain general things and answer questions to us visitors.

My overall impression was that the wolves were ok with us watching them. Some of them even slept near the fence in plain sight 😀 As I mentionend in my previous post W is for WOLVES, the wolves here are hand raised and not wild. They are used to humans and lost their natural shyness. The staff is able to gather them toghther by howling – believe me, even at daytime there is something scary about hearing wolves howl. But the wolves never were forced to do something. This freedom is what I wish for all zoo animals!

On a personal note, participating in the AtoZ Challenge was a good experience. Organizing old photos brought up so many memories of all kinds. And it became once more clear for me, how deeply rooted the love for animals is rooted in my soul. It is really part of who I am, but this is alright, or more than alright. Wouldn’t change it for the world.
And thank you for following me on this journey through my life, hope you liked it!
See you again next year at the AtoZ Challenge 🙂



6 thoughts on “Z is for ZOO

  1. I have mixed feelings about zoos too. I love to see animals if they are in environments which give them plenty of space and freedom, and not just on display. It does give us an opportunity to learn about them. I think zoo conditions are improving from what they used to be, which was horrible.

    I was amazed that you would have enough about animals in your life to do a whole A-Z on them, and as it turned out, you did such an awesome and interesting job! I have enjoyed your posts and getting to learn more about you in the process! The A-Z is quite an undertaking and when it is over it is always nice to just relax a bit for a few days, but I am hoping to continue writing more often and I am glad that I’ll be able to drop by and see more posts from you too! Congratulations on completing your first A-Z Challenge! XOXO


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