Ten Things Of Thankful, Week 17/2018

Ten Things Of Thankful, Week 17/2018

Ten Things of Thankful

So I proudly join the TToT-community again. Let’s see what I can contribute:

  • Talked to my mother this morning. We both are glad that our parents and I get so well along. It’s a nice thing to know we have each others back.
  • Decluttering just won’t stop 🙂  This week, I worked in the kitchen. And even this too is by now means finished, it is now better than before.
  • My husband and the dogs were fishing, me and the cat enjoyed some delicous girltime!
  • Started editing old photos the digital way. It’s fun, and it’s surprising how this can make old photos look better.
  • Found a nice app that will help me with blogging.
  • Solved a minor, but very annoying problem in my email program on laptop, tablet and smartphone. Somehow it’s important for me that these things run smoothly, and more important: I want to understand how it works.
  • We got the first asparagus of the year! My husband loves it, and I was able to cook it just the way he likes it.
  • My husband has tomorrow off, and Tuesday is a bank holiday. A nice long weekend is always welcome.
  • There a very few appointments next week and no therapy sessions, so I am looking forward to a quiet week.
  • Our pets all have their wonderful, silky summer fur now! Can’t keep my hands off them, poor things.

6 thoughts on “Ten Things Of Thankful, Week 17/2018

  1. How nice to have a long weekend to enjoy together! When you get done with your kitchen, please come do mine! I really need to get my kitchen drawers organized, they are mess of clutter, much of which I never use. Maybe that will be the next project I undertake. One day would do it!

    I love the softer summer coats on animals too. We have been brushing our furkids a lot to help with all that thicker winter coat, and they are looking good. Like you, I can’t keep my hands off of them, but they seem to love all the caresses!

    You are blessed to have your parents still living and that you have good relationships with them!

    I love to edit photos too, it’s amazing how much better they can look with a little effort. Now I need to get my digital photos organized, I have so very many and on four different machines!

    Thank you for sharing your thankfuls with us, you are good at finding positives in your life! XO


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